Sunday, January 31, 2010

Suzanne Collins: Catching Fire

My youngest daughter got a book from The Sisters Grimm series for Christmas and liked it, and eager to encourage this reading business I bought her the next two online, and couldn't resist buying The Hunger Games and the sequel, Catching Fire, for myself. Was very happy. Dove in immediately.

As with all sequels there is a slight tendency to be repetitive, but it's not too bad. Katniss is trying to settle back to her life after the Games, and work out if she loves Peeta or her old friend Gale, or no-one. However, she starts to discover that she is hailed as a frontperson for the new rebel movement, and needs to choose whether she wants to step up to that responsability or run. This becomes even harder when the Games celebrate an anniversary, and she and Peeta are forced to enter the Games again.

I was calmer about it this time, and can see some definite weaknesses, but I still love these books and look forward to the next.


Unknown said...

True Catching Fire is kinda of slow moving, compared to The Hunger Games at least, but I feel like overall Catching Fire was worthy for the 2nd book in the trilogy. I am so excited for the third book :)


bani said...

Definitely worthy! :)