Thursday, January 07, 2010

Helen Fitzgerald: Dead Lovely

One of my Christmas books! As you may recall I had high hopes for this one, and so I am sad to say that I was disappointed. It's too uneven, the end is rushed, it changes narrative perspectives throughout in an unpredictable manner that doesn't seem thought-out... and it doesn't even give me a great sense of Scotland, which would have been a bonus. The story focuses on two best friends, Krissie and Sarah, who have stuck together since childhood. Sarah married one of Krissie's best friends, Kyle, and has since become obsessed with trying to conceive. When Krissie becomes pregnant willy-nilly (oh, I couldn't resist that one) it's a hard blow for Sarah. Her marriage is cracking already. Krissie finds it hard being a single mother. The three of them all go on a camping trip for a much-needed break, but everything goes wrong, and there is MURDER. On a personal note I found it hard that Krissie is so neglectful of her son - that always makes me unhappy. From a literary point of view though I am more unhappy that her PND and feelings aren't very well fleshed out, so it becomes a bit odd when she turns and becomes Caring Mum.

Fitzgerald might write a much better book some day though, she has plenty of experience in social work and as a parole officer. And she can be very witty, there are some funny episodes alright. Bit more balance and I'll like it more. I think mostly I'm disappointed because I'd been anticipating something better.

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