Friday, September 28, 2007


A few years ago I bought mr Bani the novel Me Talk Pretty Some Day by David Sedaris. I'd like to say I was in early on the hype, but sadly 'tis not so - it was an impulse buy from the top ten shelf at LundeQ for his birthday. He's a damn hard man to shop for, and this book looked like it might be fun.

He never read it. No disrespect intended (I'm sure), he just didn't feel like it at the time, and then when he did feel like it he couldn't find it. So he's looked for it for a good while, and a few weeks ago he saw an interview with Sedaris on the telly and got really antsy to read it, so he caved and bought himself a new copy. Which is now beside his bed with the other 12 books he's parallell-reading. So the dilemma is - should I pinch it and read it first? I always do this to him, read books first. I think he hates it. But I'm sorely tempted. I'm definitely in the mood for a book like that now. It's that or Wizard of the Crow by Ngugi wa'Thiong'o, which doesn't look bad but is, I fear, possibly about sad things and I don't know if I can handle sadness at this moment in time as Americans say on TV...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Intervju med Åsa Waldau i nyheterna

Apropå att hon är aktuell med sin version av Knutbyhändelserna i bokform (ser ni, inte helt OT):

"Det är alltid lättare att bedöma människor om man möter dem öga för öga"

Freudiansk felsägning?

A guest appearance from my eldest daughter...

... who missed home language again, and as punishment was ordered to write half a page in English about the last book she read, which was St Peter's Fair by Ellis Peters. (Yes, she's her mother's daughter alright. I lured her in knowing her weakness for exciting and illicit crime television.) So, without further ado, the uncorrected version:

Saint Peters Fair
The book was kind off boring in the beginning but became better in the middle of the book. I didn't like how it started so casually, about the herb garden, how it was on the fair but it was relly exiting when the murder started, and I loved when there were lots of murders. I think it was three murders all in all. And Cadfael is a good detectiv and I like his way of solving the murder, becase they didn't have computers or that kind of stuff. My favorite part was when the manor started burning and the part before that. All in all the book was great! **** four stars out of five!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Magnus Uggla på SVT Godmorgon

"När man bloggar måste man ju skriva en sex-sju inlägg dagligen"

What? I must have missed the memo.

Ugglas blogg finns på hans hemsida.