Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Iain M. Banks: Consider Phlebas

After reading Ela's post on how much she likes Banks' books I borrowed the first one in the Culture series - but I am so bored. Half way through and I DO NOT CARE. Hang on, not half way, only about a quarter. I misremembered because it feels like I've been plodding through this forever. Should I persevere? Is it worth it? Boo. Re-reading the post I see that this is the (only) one she didn't care for much. Should I chuck it in and try a different one just? I thought it'd be good because it starts with an execution (not that I enjoy executions per se, but because I enjoy novelty of thought) done by slowly drowning the victim in sewage. But it didn't pick up. Also, it reminds me of a Douglas Adams universe, Vogons and all. I just can't take it seriously. Douglas Adams without the humour. What.

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