Friday, July 09, 2010

Donna Leon: Death at La Fenice

The first of the Brunetti novels, and I see now why people like the series. Here the charm of the characters shows (which is why I read another one, and have borrowed more). I think I had some notes somewhere about things worth saying about the book, but I'm lagging behind, and have started on another truckload of novels so I'll be brief. Also, can't find the notes.

A world-famous conductor is found dead, poisoned, in the interval of a performance of La Traviata. The most likely suspect is his wife, but Brunetti doubts it, and finds the truth when he probes the conductor's past.

How's that for brevity? In other news, I'm so annoyed that Blogger came up with what certainly looks like three-column themes JUST as I'd done lots of work in downloading a third-party template. With this template I'm using, the "pages" feature (that I really want to use) doesn't work well - but it would, of course, if I was using Blogger's. Arse arse arse.

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