Friday, May 08, 2009

Library visit today

I've been dipping into my small stash of (second-hand...) books I've bought so it was time for a library trip. Oh, I never wrote about my visit to a second-hand book shop in Stockholm not long ago - they wanted more than 100 :- for old Ellery Queens. The audacity. No wonder they had so many. I found a rather worn Ngaio Marsh novel the title of which I forget at the moment and they charged me 20:- for that.

But today I got:

Paretsky: Ghost Country - I was so pleased with Bleeding Kansas that I wanted to give another stand-alone a try

Ishiguro: Never Let Me Go - because why not, never read him

Proulx: Postcards - want more of her, more more

Hamilton, Jane: A Map of the World - on a whim, fell for the blurb

Le Guin: The Eye of the Heron - because I remain faithful and this might be good.

So I'll be alright for a while.


Johanna said...

Oh, Ishiguro! I adore him so. Never let me go is a good one, I liked it very very much.

PS Skulle du ha hjälp med bloggen eller? :) Jag är f-ledig i maj!

bani said...

Vad lycklig jag blir att jag valt en höjdare då! :D

Jag vill jättegärna ha blogghjälp - vi får ta en dejt i maj någon gång. :D