Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I just joined Bookcrossing... Banivani (Bani was TAKEN! The shower of bastards! :O). Been meaning to for ages - come to think of it, maybe I did. Maybe I'm Bani. Must go check. Anyway, some lovely person has been releasing a lot of books downtown in honour of the Linnaeus tercentenary, which officially starts today. I was tipped off by a friend, and thus inspired to join. And remember that I have joined.

Now, off to see if I'm going senile or not.


Unknown said...

Welcome aboard! You'll love it here...BookCrosser's are here to help you out along your journey but I promise it will be worth it. Just wait until you get your first book caught and release notes are made. Its extremely addicting and you'll find yourself reading much more and from author's you never thought you'd read from...enjoy!
CEO BookCrossing

bani said...

Thanks Scott! I'm certainly hoping for a great experience! (Tbh the addiction factor scares me a little... :) )