Monday, October 24, 2005

Today's library haul

Angel of Darkness, by Caleb Carr (looking forward to it!)

The Fifth Rapunzel, by B.M. Gill (have no idea what this'll be like. Apparently the Sunday Times' reviewer wrote that she was "On a par with ironic Rendell at full tilt." - that's what sold me.... Haven't read anything by Gill before.)

Dead Souls, by Ian Rankin (I'm not sure if I've read any of his books. But I met a former techer the other night who said he liked Rankin better than Val McDermid (like, OMG WTF?!), so I have to read him now.)

Tears of the Giraffe, by Alexander McCall Smith. (At last! Whoo-hoo! These are never in! Great books - I say, even though I've actually only read the first one...)

The library can't cater to my needs any more. I need more Josephine Tey, Ngaio Marsh, Sue Grafton, Faye Kellerman (I like her more than her husband), Dorothy Simpson (very cute books), Val McDermid... as you can see I have a theme of female crime writers going on.

I could, in theory, buy books. Unfortunately we already own about 25 shelving metres of books - not counting the ones in the cellar. They share the 69,8 square metres that make up our flat with me, my husband, and two children (who also have books). So in order to buy more books I have to
1. Make my husband get rid of a bunch of books. It's his turn. He has a lot of meaningless crap. All my books are Good, Useful and um, Pretty. Or something.
2. Get better job so can afford to buy books.
3. With better-paying job, possibly even buy new shelving for books so I can fit more in OR
4. With better-paying job, find bigger apartment to fill with own private crime library.

It's hard to know where to start (although 1 is looking pretty damn good).

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