Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First post

I've started this blog in order to have a place to write about the books I read. This will serve two purposes - firstly, I'll be forced to briefly review and summarize the books I plough through in writing, which will help me remember which ones I've read and which authors I've enjoyed (because I do forget quite often), secondly, I might get some nice feedback from other readers. Which would be nice! Oh, and it's my birthday today. I'm 30 and have no career. It's time for a hobby.

My great weakness is crime fiction, so this blog will mainly be about that genre. With the odd bit of something else thrown in.

Currently I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Eleven On Top. This writer is one of my guilty pleasures. No genius, no earth-shattering revelations, no wise words to remember, nothing to say about current society - just a bit of fun. But hey, sometimes we need fun, right?


Frida said...

GRATTIS!!!! Och kul att du också har dragits ned i bloggträsket :-) E hälsar och grattar han med. Nu ska jag läsa vidare om dina böcker (sorry orkade inte formulera mig på engelska) /Frida

bani said...

Tackar tackar!

Ja, nu är man fast. :-P Har du boktips får nu gärna plita ner dem åt mig!