Monday, May 14, 2012

She's not very quick, is she?

My sister, that is. Who clearly doesn't have my blog on a feed because no comment as of yet on the parcel that has arrived. Lordy lord.

The last exclamation brings me to the Sookie Stackhouse novel Living Dead in Dallas, which was part of my last library haul. This is the one where Sookie infiltrates the church belonging to The Fellowship of the Sun, also the one that finds Lafayette dead. The tv series really does a better job of that (I like Lafayette). No. 2 in the series.

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li'l sis said...

I DO have you on a feed, just not on my phone, cos it stressed me out to see all the things I wasn't reading. And I haven't turned on my computer for a week. So... When can I pick it up? =D