Friday, September 09, 2011

Josephine Tey: The Daughter of Time

Reread this today. Well, started earlier, but finished today. Read it years ago, but this copy was a gift from my cousin. It's a nice one, because it has the portrait of Richard III on the cover, which is helpful considering that the story starts with that and they keep referring to it. I love this, even though I do lose track of some of the historical characters. Mr Bani started to read it in an attempt at solidarity with my hobbies but he wasn't too keen apparently. Philistene. I wonder if the Babes in the Tower are ever mentioned in the tv series, The Tudors I mean? I think not, right, it starts with Henry VIII doesn't it? And it's his father who is the true murderer, according to Tey. Great book anyway.


m4dswine said...

Have you read An Expert in Murder or any of the subsequent books with Tey as a central character? I quite enjoyed it, worth looking up for a bit of light fluff.

bani said...

No, I'd never heard of them! But I looked it up now, and also checked if the library had it (no). Good tip, thanks! Nice to see you stopping by too! :D