Wednesday, July 13, 2011

George Sylvester Viereck: The House of the Vampire

This entry was started May 3d this year, FYI. I downloaded this novel to the Aldiko because the author is written up as the man who introduced gay pulp fiction. I was curious alright? No harm in that.

I was disappointed not so much because I take a particular interest in gay pulp fiction (oh how I long to look at the traffic stats to the blog after this post) but because it was an incredibly boring book. Sure, there are a few ambigious scenes in the beginning, gazing at flushed cheeks and so on, but that's very brief. You'd have to be deep inside the closet to feel that those snippets make it worth your while to plough through this over-wordy, unsuccinct blablabla novel.

The idea is that the vampire feeds on not blood, but talent. Charismatic, magnetic and generous, the New York Count rules his select circle of admirers and hangers-on, singling out one young wannabe at a time as a special protegé, and then dumping them when he's sucked them dry, no one knows how. They shuffle off, brains emptied of ideas, wraiths of their former selves.

You'd think it'd be interesting, but no. Something to read for the sake of research, that's it. By the way, the post was longer an hour ago but the internet ate it. Another FYI.

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