Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some things I've thought about

I read about a Swedish woman caught smuggling cocaine in Brasil, who was sentenced to community service. Apart from working one hour a day in some sort of rehab clinic, she is to spend her time reading Selma Lagerlöf and Harry Martinsson in the court's library, and then present some sort of essay or something to the judge.

There are worse ways to spend three years, I hope she enjoys the literature and profits from her studies.

I think if I do another crime fiction splurge (I think this one is almost over) I want to read books set in Uppsala. There's some sort of exhibition thingy at the library so I picked up a leaflet with reading tips. The leaflet was put together by the former librarian and author Thomas Brylla, who sadly died a little while ago. I have to say that I once read one of Brylla's own detective stories and hated it, but I'd gladly honour his memory by reading one of his favourite genres like this. Of course, Kjell Eriksson is worth it, and so is Kerstin Ekman (she only wrote one book set here though). As for the rest, we'll see.

First I might maybe maybe indulge in something that is apparently called skämslitteratur - that is, books you're ashamed to own/have read. Namely, Jean M Auel. I never did read that last one. I think I want to. When I was a teen I read the sexy bits, obviously, now I enjoy the parts where she describes how they make stuff, and stuff. I'm honestly not ashamed to have read Auel, but possibly a little hesitant to own the influence the books had on me there for a while...

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