Friday, April 17, 2009

Zoë Heller: The Believers

I picked this up on a whim because Heller's previous novel, Notes on a Scandal, is endorsed by Zadie Smith on the cover. This one was apparently filmed - I'd never heard of it. I'm so out of it. (Like that story of the sport's journalist who gets roped into reviewing Macbeth when the theatre critic is sick, and writes an unbiased enthusiastic review, having no preconceptions about Shakespeare - indeed no idea of who he was. This is me sometimes in questions of culture. Except I have Google to ruin me.)

Anyway, Zadie is right, and this is a great book. I thought it would be funnier (black humour, but nevertheless), but it mostly isn't. Quite moving and tragic. I might gripe about that the mother of the family, Audrey, becomes a little too much of a charicature, but I think this resolves itself a little towards the end. I'd recommend it!

Oh, and my motto for this Friday is, as you can see, "write something , no matter how short"...

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