Saturday, June 24, 2006

I need to get a hold of....

Babes in Beijing by Rachel Dewoskin, and more importantly När rött blir svart by Qiu Xialong (don't know English title, not important since original language is Chinese...). The latter is a detective story y'see. And just noticed that it's published by editor friend's publishing company. How handy! *starts plotting bribery tactics*

Edited to say that Qiu Xialong writes in English, so title in English is When Red Is Black, and I'm an idiot, and now I need it in English.


Anonymous said...

I'll bring it home for you. I practically translated that damn book, so I could probably even tell the whole story... ;-)
Have you read his first novel?

bani said...

No I haven't... ;-P Why, are you offering? I've read nothing of his. The library are still "under inköp" in English, and I picked it up in Swedish but put it down again. I Will Not.